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Track your positions, Trades, Orders in a single window.

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Price Ladder Trading

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Comparison of multiple scrips on the charts


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  • Trading View Platform

    Trading view charting and broker solutions

  • Unified Platform

    Linked to all our products in a single app

Trading Simplified

Track your positions, Trades, Orders in a single window

The trading window provides a simple view to track your positions and holdings.

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Price Ladder Trading

Visualize price action & trade by observing bid/offers in real time.


Scrip Comparison

Select multiple scrips and compare the scrips in a single chart.

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Pre-defined Watchlists

Readymade watchlists to simplify to search.

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Real-time Option Chain

Configurable options chain to trade effectively.

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7 Types of charts to help you to trade.

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Bulk Square-off

Exit multiple positions at one go to reduce risk.


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